I’m somewhat late to the mark on this, but I just read a wonderful short story by Lieven Le Bruyn that combines two things that have been on my brainwaves during the last few months: David Lynch’s Twin Peaks and Shinichi Mochizuki’s Inter-Universal Teichüller Theory.  It’s called The Log Lady and the Frobenioid of \mathbb{Z}!

It involves the mysterious development of ideas in dreams, a certain Japanese tourist and compactifying Norma’s famous cherry pies at the Double-R Diner (Edit: I have just realised it’s \pi-day, so this is extremely fitting!)

Like many other things I have read on neverendingbooks, it’s smart, funny, philosophical and left me feeling both more and less mystified. I urge you to give it a read!

(P.S. there are no Twin Peaks spoilers in it either, so there’s no danger in reading if you – like myself – have not yet finished watching.)